Claims enhancements in technology, service and quality mean better results

At QBE we’ve been hard at work over the last year re-tooling our claims and loss control capabilities. We’ve been moving quickly to enhance the capabilities we can offer our agents and their policyholders. For example, we’ve consolidated our property IA panel resulting in significant improvements in the speed of getting estimates to our adjusters and reducing the costs associated with adjusting property losses. One of the more significant changes has been the implementation of our Carrier Service Partner model with Sedgwick Claims Management Services. This is an industry-leading agreement that gives all of us access to resources, capabilities and scale that we would not have been able to attain on our own.

Together we will continue to drive change and continual improvement in order to consistently deliver the outstanding service, quality, and risk management tools our agents and policyholders demand and deserve.


  • As part of Sedgwick’s quality program, claims professionals’ inbound and outbound calls to agents, brokers, and policyholders are actively recorded and monitored, which helps ensure customer service skills are monitored and evaluated for continuous improvement.
  • Sedgwick’s scale provides QBE access to a much larger pool of resources. For example, our partnership has given us access to a 24/7 service center staffed with knowledgeable Sedgwick customer service representatives to assist QBE policyholders with questions about their claims.
  • Both QBE and Sedgwick are committed to the approach that each company “owns” the claims processes and performance, and we are dedicated to providing a seamless experience from one united organization.


  • Sedgwick’s quality program includes 160-200 audits per month, new colleague orientation and ongoing training in order to provide a higher-quality experience and reduced turnaround time.
  • Sedgwick’s quality management process, Performance 360, helps reduce costs and drive better results for customers by concentrating on claims at various points throughout their lifecycle. Through ViaOne, QBE agents can now see reports showing average and total claim costs, average and total claim durations, and reserves for claims handled on the Sedgwick platform.
  • Claims professionals now have access to Sedgwick University, which offers a wide array of courses and services to help ensure adjusters maintain top notch technical and service skills. In today’s aging claims work force – this partnership allows QBE and Sedgwick to develop insurance talent that is needed today and tomorrow.


  • Through our relationship with Sedgwick we have been able to consolidate several Workers’ Comp systems into a state-of-the-art claim handling tool that facilitates improved proactive WC claim handling, including automated state reporting, bill review, vendor correspondence and optional push communications for policyholders.
  • Providing you access to claim information through a web portal is a valuable capability we offer. For non-WC claims we continue to support the existing agent portal – here you can access a wide array of specific claim status information. With our partnership with Sedgwick we’ve been able to further enhance our reporting portal for WC claims through the launch of ViaOne. ViaOne is a cutting-edge tool that will enhance the information you have access to on WC claims while continuing to set the standard for how we think about delivering claims information to our agent and broker community. If you haven’t already, we invite you to log in and try both tools as they provide a wealth of information.
  • We collectively benefit from Sedgwick’s $100 million in technology investments each year over the last five years with cutting-edge risk management and claim access tools available for our agents. This level of ongoing investment is something that can only be accomplished through a partnership like ours.
  • Investments in telephony, call monitoring, and detailed reporting provide a rich set of data for improving overall management of service and claim outcomes.  Enhanced reporting about each claim professional’s inbound and outbound call activity, as well as the ability to capture the subject of each call for tracking purposes, further builds a foundation on which we can continue to build the service culture we all agree is required to be successful in today’s insurance world.

Our partnership with Sedgwick is truly innovative – it allows us to gain access to capabilities and tools we simply could not have developed on our own. That said, change is hard and we recognize not all our efforts have been perfect. Despite the vast majority of claims handling being consistent with the utmost technical and customer service standards, as is often the case in such large-scale initiatives, we’ve had some service issues.  We’ve partnered with Sedgwick to be responsive to both the individual concerns and are working to ensure the root cause is resolved. 

We value your feedback. Your timely and detailed input not only helps us resolve issues but allows us the opportunity to continually improve and refine this operating model. If you have feedback to help us serve you better or recognition that you would like to share, please email QBE Claims Senior Leadership. We appreciate your continued partnership as we continue to build QBE’s claims capabilities for the benefit of our policyholders and you, our agent/brokers. 

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