Lender-placed insurance

Our AssetProtect program uses QBE's suite of lender-placed insurance products to provide a safety net and peace of mind for mortgage servicers and investors.

Tools to manage risks to your assets

A real estate loan is only as good as the collateral that secures it.  Lender-placed insurance helps insure the value of your assets.  QBE knows that, like your business, your portfolio insurance needs are unique.

That’s why we offer a wide range of lender-placed programs that reduce risk to the assets you oversee. You can be confident in the protection provided by our insurance programs, as well as in the expertise we have built over decades.

What sets QBE apart is our ability to customize insurance solutions based on our analysis of your business. Our proactive call out efforts help protect customers by reminding them to acquire their own insurance and avoid a
lender-placed policy.

Lender-placed protection coverages

To protect your interest in properties where customers haven't maintained adequate coverage, QBE offers:

  • Lender-placed fire
  • Lender-placed flood and flood gap
  • Lender-placed wind/hailstorm

Blanket coverages

QBE can provide blanket coverages to protect your entire portfolio:

  • Condominiums
  • Deficiencies
  • Junior mortgages/HELOCs
  • Others

REO coverages

QBE offers several REO products at competitive rates with a monthly bill option that provide protection for real-estate owned properties:

  • REO hazard
  • REO liability
  • REO flood

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