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Attract, Retain, Develop: How Insurers Are Building Next-Generation Innovators
A.M. Best TV, March 28, 2018 
Jeff Grange, President of QBE NA’s Specialty Division, was recently interviewed by AM Best TV. The overall session focused on how insurers are building the next generation of innovators by hiring and retaining younger workers with specialized skills.  Jeff discussed the role of corporate responsibility , including the importance of environmental and community based investing and how they impact where millennials decide to work and who they decide to buy from. 

QBE's Giles: Unlimited Risk Driving Creation of Stop-Loss Programs

A.M. Best TV, November 30, 2017
QBE Accident & Health VP Phil Giles discusses the growth and concentration of the medical stop loss insurance market and the use of captive structures to better manage regulatory complexity and the rising cost of health care. 


Foreign expansion / emerging markets / supply chain risk…advice for risk managers
WRIN.tv News Desk, May 22, 2017
Richard Friesenhahn, QBE SVP of Multinational Insurance was interviewed by World Risk and Insurance at the RIMS annual meeting. In the interview Rich discusses important safety, regulatory and supply chain considerations for businesses with international exposures. View video


The Future of Inland Marine: Younger, More Technical, Highly Automated
A.M.BestTV, May 23, 2017
Richard Pye, QBE's Senior Vice President of Inland Marine, participates on a panel discussion with three other industry executives at the IMUA focusing on relevant news in the Inland Marine insurance sector. Expecting that a new wave of younger workers, advancing technology and a greater reliance on automation and artificial intelligence will remake the industry.


QBE's Jeff Grange: Insureds' Cyber Covers Rival Those for Casualty and D&O
A.M.BestTV, April 24, 2017
Jeff Grange, president, North American Specialty, QBE, said total coverage for some organizations' cyber exposures has reached the $50 million to $250 million range.


Podcast – Self-funded employee healthcare plans: an effective and efficient way to stabilize the rising cost of healthcare

In this two-part podcast, Steve Gransbury, President, Accident & Health, provides a comprehensive overview of the self-funded health insurance market and discusses the options available for reducing and stabilizing healthcare costs.

  • Part one discusses how and why the rising cost of health insurance is driving increased interest among companies of all sizes in self-funding their health insurance plan. It also covers the importance of medical stop loss coverage for self-funded plans and describes the products and services QBE offers to help companies evaluate, structure, and manage their health insurance program.
  • Part two focuses on the types and benefits of medical stop loss captives, including single parent captives for large companies and group captives for mid-size and small companies. It reviews the factors companies should consider in deciding what type of captive structure is most appropriate and QBE’s unique approach to helping companies design and manage captives along with the rest of a self-funded health insurance program.

“This podcast is another example of how we are leveraging our intellectual capital to provide thought leadership to our producers and policyholders,” said Jeff Grange, President, Specialty Insurance. ”Costs for healthcare delivery continue to inflate faster than the growth in GDP. This, coupled with accompanying social inflation caused by proliferating and complex regulation, poses everyday challenges to employers. The QBE A&H team provides a robust set of solutions to employers to tackle the challenges they face when providing healthcare to their employees.”

A related white paper is also available on the subject -- Medical Stop Loss Captives: Issues & Answers.

QBE's DiBattista: Dislocation Breeds Opportunity
A.M. BestTV, September 28, 2016
Jude DiBattista, QBE Senior Vice President, Excess and Surplus, was interviewed by A.M. BestTV at the NAPSLO Annual Convention. In the interview, DiBattista examines how consolidation among insurers and brokers has some organizations re-examining their portfolios to determine whether to retain particular types of business.


QBE's Giles: Health Reform Drives Interest in Benefits Captives
A.M. BestTV, August 12, 2016
Phillip Giles, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Accident & Health, QBE North America, was interviewed at the VCIA 2016 Annual Conference in Burlington, Vermont. During the interview, Giles speaks about the increase in self-funding health benefits for large U.S. employers and explains that captives formed for health benefits are active users of stop-loss coverage.


QBE's Pye: Inland Marine Market Headed for 'Survival of the Fittest'
A.M. BestTV, May 16, 2016
Richard Pye, Senior Vice President, Inland Marine, QBE North America, spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2016 IMUA Annual Meeting. He explained that as the inland marine market continues to attract new and expanded competition, with insurers competing on price and focus, there is a likely shake-out ahead.


QBE's Grange on aviation insurance
Insurance Business TV, May 12, 2016
Jeff Grange, President, Specialty Insurance, QBE North America, spoke with Insurance Business TV about the aviation industry’s unique risk management issues and how as a specialized industry, it requires specialized protection from those risks. View video


QBE's Grange Touts 'Socially Responsible' Investments
A.M. BestTV, April 15, 2016
Jeff Grange, President, Specialty Insurance, QBE North America, spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2016 RIMS Annual Conference about how QBE is allocating more than $50 million of its investment portfolio to socially responsible investments.


QBE's Davide: Aging Workforce Driving Auto, Workers' Comp Claims
A.M. BestTV, April 14, 2016
Joseph Davide, Senior Vice President, Risk Management, QBE North America, spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2016 RIMS Annual Conference about the increasing likelihood of workers’ compensation losses as commercial drivers retire and less experienced drivers take their place. He also discusses the challenges risk managers face as the workforce ages, and the importance of tailored plans to prevent workplace injuries.


QBE's Neal: Globalization Will Drive Consolidation
A.M. BestTV, April 14, 2016
John Neal, Global Group CEO, QBE, spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2016 RIMS Annual Conference about how protecting assets of global customers involves a global reach, which inevitably leads to consolidation among companies.


QBE's Gransbury: ACA-Related Exposures Driving Higher Coverage
A.M. BestTV, April 11, 2016
Steve Gransbury, President, Accident & Health, QBE North America, spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2016 RIMS Annual Conference about how the U.S. Affordable Care Act's lifting of limits on claims for many plans has sparked demand for additional insurance coverage, and an interest in captives.