Property claim information

Before filing a claim, contact emergency services (e.g., the police or fire department), if appropriate. Get a copy of the police report if one is filed.

Report a claim

  • Report a claim to us or to your agent immediately.
  • If possible, provide your policy number and contact information.

When you report a claim

  • We'll assign a claims representative and claim number to your case.
  • Your claims representative will contact you for details of the claim and to explain your coverage.
  • A company representative may inspect your damages and prepare a repair estimate. You can also contact a contractor for an estimate and discuss it with the claims representative to ensure that all damages are identified.
  • On smaller losses, your damages may be appraised over the phone or you will be asked for a repair estimate.

After you report a claim

  • Temporarily repair your property to protect it from more damage, such as installing a new lock on your door or covering a hole in the roof. Save the receipts for these expenses for reimbursement. Keep damaged items for inspection.
  • If you must relocate to a hotel or temporary apartment, keep records and receipts.
  • A claims representative will contact you to discuss your claim. Depending on the type and size of the claim, an inspection of your property may be required.
  • You'll receive a check promptly after a settlement agreement is reached. In some cases, you may also receive an advance on your settlement to begin paying for repairs and other necessities.

Additional recommendations

  • Prepare a room-by-room list of stolen, damaged or destroyed property, including brand name, model number, age, purchase price, place of purchase and replacement cost.
  • Photograph or videotape damaged property.
  • Protect your property to prevent further loss.
  • Save damaged property until your claims representative has completed an investigation.
  • If the loss forces you to seek temporary housing, keep a list of additional living expenses, such as meals and motel costs.
  • Keep a list of supplies purchased to make emergency repairs as well as the time spent on them.
  • Be sure your claims representative has a forwarding address or telephone number.

Keep in mind that this is a general overview of the claims process. Each claim is unique and this may not be the process for your situation.